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Latest Episodes

9/22 How To Create A Mostly Tax Free Retirement: Part 1

One of your biggest expenses in retirement…is…TAXES. That’s right, taxes can take a huge bite out of your lifestyle in retirement. So, on today’s show we want to explore the audacious idea How to Create a (Mostly) Tax-Free Retirement. This will be one episode where we will leave no stone overturned. Don’t miss out – take control of your retirement and learn ways to get the tax man out of your way!

9/8 Five Questions Wealthy People Should Ask

Over the years we’ve discovered that there’s a handful of questions that wealthy people, and those striving to be wealthy, ask. If you want better answers you have to ask better questions, right? Whether you’re already wealthy or you’re hoping to be in the future, you need to know the answers to these very important questions.

9/1 Could Your Stash Be Hurting You?

It’s always a good idea to have an emergency fund, but how much cash should you be hoarding in your bank accounts? How much “dry powder” should you keep in your portfolio so you can take advantage of market corrections? Not setting enough cash aside could really damage your financial security when an unexpected surprise occurs, but too much cash earning very little is a safe way to lose money.


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