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Latest Episodes

Using Multiple Financial Advisors

June 15, 2020

Is it a good idea to spread your money around to different financial managers?

Why did the Markets See Volatility?

June 13, 2020

Volatility continues in the major indexes in the past week. How will the Coronavirus continue to shape the economy? What is the Fed saying about the current state of events? Find out in this week’s market recap.

Big Corporations Blocking Investment Advice

June 10, 2020

Do you work for a big corporation such as Oracle, Lockheed, or Intel? People say that you can’t get investment advice for your retirement account. Find out the truth in this week’s “They Say” segment.

Markets End in the Green

June 10, 2020

All major indexes ended the week in the green. Oil continues to move in the right direction. What else happened in the market this week. Find out in this week’s market recap!

Reset 401k Now

June 10, 2020

Do you work for a large company such as Oracle, Lockheed, Intel, or even Visa? Find out how to maximize your 401k and reset things in your favor in this week’s episode of Protect Your Assets.

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