5 Common Mistakes Federal Government Employees Make With Their Thrift Savings Plan

Federal government employees, including members of the armed forces, have access to a tax-deferred retirement and investment vehicle called the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP). If you’re not using it in the right ways, it can be costly for you. Like a good education, it only helps if you use it. This episode shares five common mistakes people make with their TSP—costly mistakes that you could be making right now. If you or your loved ones have a TSP or are in service of the federal government, listen to this entire show as we expose the risks of the G Fund and more and how to fix them. 


Plus, catch the weekly market report where The Sandman discusses if inflation is cooling and if better times are ahead for the 60-40 portfolio, which was down 21% last month—losses we haven’t seen since 2008. 


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