The Bear Market Quiz: Do You Know More Than an Eighth Grader?

With the stock market volatility this year, there’s no shortage of whispers—and shouts—that we’re in a bear market and/or recession. Inflation is on many people’s minds. What is a bear market, and what do you need to know about them? What can you do right now to protect yourself? Can you recover this late in the game? Are you still able to retire, even though your 401(k) may be down 30% or more?


This has been a very interesting year. Bonds are down over 15% year to date. The S&P and NASDAQ are in bear market territory. It’s a very interesting bear, not your normal bear. And you get all these people talking about new things that are happening—and of course, that’s when everyone starts to get nervous. We’re doing a quiz today about what bear markets are, how long they last, and what else should you know.


Hear some facts and myths about bear markets on this episode, The Bear Market Quiz: Do You Know More Than an Eighth Grader?


Answer questions like:

  • How are bear markets determined?
  • Which factors are likely to cause bear markets?
  • How often do bear markets occur?
  • How long do they last?


You can send your questions to for a chance to be answered on the air.


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