What to Do With Your Pension When You Retire

Figuring out what to do with your company pension when you retire can be complicated—you have important choices to make that can impact both your and your family’s financial future. Once you choose your pension benefit, you are locked in forever. Plus, The decision you make will have a lasting impact on your family as well because how that money gets paid out to your spouse and/or your family after you’re gone is all a function of that decision. Stephen Dobrow from Primark Benefits is on the show to discuss lump sum vs. regular pension payments and how to determine what’s right for you and your family. 

Plus, last week, we had a five-year breakeven on inflation expectations by hitting a new four-month high, underscoring new concerns about price pressures and where inflation is headed. Next, critical economic reports will be coming out in the next few weeks that will help determine if stocks may continue to regain lost ground, as they have after hitting their worst weekly decline in several months. All this and more on Protect Your Assets. 

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