Welcome to Protect Your Assets on Alexa and Google!

Talk to The Sandman on Alexa or Google

Welcome to Protect Your Assets on Alexa and Google Assistant

Get interactive financial advice hands-free on your smart speaker or smartphone. Protect Your Assets is a voice app available on Alexa and Google Assistant. You can talk to David Hollander, “The Sandman” and access our podcast and most requested investing advice.

How to get it: On Alexa

protect your assets Alexa skill icon

Method A

Say: “Alexa, enable Protect Your Assets”

This will automatically enable and open the Alexa skill.

Method B

Tip: Make sure you’re logged into your same Amazon account that is linked to your Alexa device (such as your Amazon Echo).

You can also search for “Protect Your Assets” in your smartphone’s Alexa app under Skills and Games.

Now you’ve enabled the skill and it’s time for the good stuff!

Alexa, open Protect Your Assets
Alexa, open Protect Your Assets

Things you can say to Alexa:

mature-woman-smart-speaker-kitchen-yellow-shutterstock_1707515707 (1)
  • “Alexa, open Protect Your Assets.”
  • “I am a new client.”
  • “Play the latest podcast.”
  • “Take the Gray Divorce Quiz.”
  • “Take the Retirement Checklist Challenge.”
  • “Tell me about estate planning.”
  • “Tell me about tax planning.”

On Google Assistant:

Get retirement investing advice with Protect Your Assets on Google Assistant

Or say:

“Hey Google, talk to Protect Your Assets.”
More things you can say on Google:

  • “How do I plan my estate?”
  • “Tell me how to save on my taxes.”
  • "How is my social security taxed?”
  • "What is the Retirement Checklist Challenge?”
  • "Take the Divorce Quiz.”
  • "Play the latest podcast.”

iPhone Users

Use the Google Assistant app for iPhone. Install the app, open it, then say:

“Hey Google, talk to Protect Your Assets.”

Android Users

On your Android phone or tablet, touch and hold the Home button and say, “Hey Google, talk to Protect Your Assets.”

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