Protect your Assets Market Briefing With David Hollander

Protect Your Assets Market Briefing is hosted by David Hollander, Founder of Liberty Group. Twice a week, you’ll get market reports, highlights, or clips from David’s radio show and full weekly podcast, Protect Your Assets. As an investment advisor, David is on a mission to reduce investors’ financial fears by helping to address their biggest challenges and future goals. We’ll cover topics such as what people often believe are smart money moves, how policy affects your investments, generating income in retirement, handling inflation, volatility, and more.

David Hollander, The Sandman℠, strives to help his listeners sleep well at night, knowing their assets are protected. Hear our show on KNBR, your favorite podcast app.

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Latest Episodes

Analyzing the Impact of Job Trends on Inflation and Interest Rates

March 12, 2024

In this Protect Your Assets Market Briefing, David Hollander, aka The Sandman, dives into the recent jobs data that paints a complex picture of the current US labor market. Despite a surprising uptick in February’s employment numbers with 275,000 new jobs, a significant revision to January’s figures and a rising jobless rate highlight a slowing labor market. This slowdown, coupled with a dip in hourly wages, suggests a cooling period for inflation, potentially easing recent concerns. The Sandman also examines the ISM manufacturing and services employment indexes, both of which indicate contraction in their respective sectors for February. These movements signal a shift that could lead the Federal Reserve to adjust interest rates later this year. Join us as we unpack what these labor market trends mean for inflation, the economy, and your financial planning.

The Investor’s Guide: Reading Between the SKEW and VIX Lines

March 7, 2024

In this market briefing, The Sandman examines the SKEW and VIX indexes’ insights during recent market fluctuations, highlighting the 2022 bear market’s anomalies and the SKEW’s dramatic movements in early 2023. He explores what these indicators reveal about institutional and retail investor behavior and their implications for the stock market’s direction. Practical investment strategies for navigating these uncertain times—including diversification and value investing—are also discussed, offering listeners guidance on adjusting their portfolios in response to these market signals.

Decoding Market Volatility: VIX and SKEW Explained

March 5, 2024

Explore the intricate dynamics of market volatility with an in-depth analysis of the VIX and SKEW indexes in this market briefing. Discover how these essential financial indicators reflect option buying demand and overall market sentiment, serving both traders and institutional investors. Gain insights into the function of put options as a strategy for hedging against potential market declines, and how a low VIX can indicate optimistic market conditions. The Sandman also examines the SKEW index, shedding light on its role in assessing tail risk and its impact on both retail and institutional investment strategies.

Bull Market Momentum: Riding the Wave of Record Highs

February 29, 2024

In this insightful market briefing, The Sandman delves into the optimistic perspectives fueling the stock market’s ascent to new heights. With a focus on the remarkable earnings reports and the S&P 500’s impressive 900% rise over the last three decades, he unpacks the bullish case for continued market growth. Highlighting the significant 45% return since October ’22 and the historical resilience of bull markets after reaching all-time highs, this discussion offers a deep dive into the reasons behind the market’s robust performance. From technology and communication sectors leading the charge to a more diversified sector performance, The Sandman explores the dynamics shaping the current investment landscape. 

Platinum-Locks: Beyond Goldilocks in Today’s Stock Market

February 27, 2024

Dive into the heart of the stock market with this market briefing, where David Hollander delves into the intriguing concept of “platinum-locks,” a term symbolizing market conditions surpassing the traditional “Goldilocks” phase. Highlighted by Nvidia’s impressive earnings and the resurgence of AI optimism, this market briefing explores the rally that’s captivating investors. With a critical analysis of current valuations, particularly the S&P 500 trading at over 21 times forward earnings, the discussion navigates through the bullish and bearish perspectives shaping market sentiment. Amidst fluctuating interest rates and mixed economic signals, David dissects the factors fueling the belief in a “platinum-locks” scenario and its implications for investors.

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