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Latest Episodes

Market Segment: What Happens If There Is No Debt Ceiling Deal?

In this week’s market segment, The Sandman discusses the difference between hitting the debt ceiling and the U.S. defaulting on its debt, as well as the implications of the absence of a debt ceiling deal. 

Is the Fed Done Hiking Rates for 2023?

Learn about how the Fed’s recent decision will affect the market, the important economic data you should be focusing on, and more in this Protect Your Assets market segment. 

Market Segment: Will the Markets See a Soft Landing or a Hard Landing?

Right now, one of the most important questions concerning the markets is this: are we going to get a soft landing or a hard landing? In this Protect Your Assets Market Segment, we look at overall market trends to see how much momentum the economy is really losing. 

How to Reboot Your 401(k)

Are you worried about how the looming recession may impact your 401(k) as you get ready for retirement? You’re not alone! Will you be living off your 401(k) when you retire? Do you know how much you’re paying in fees for your plan? There are several questions to ask yourself before hitting the reset button on your retirement plan. Find out those questions—and answers—in this episode of Protect Your Assets with David Hollander. 

Market Segment: Will the Looming Recession Be Soft or Hard Landing?

The biggest question in the financial industry right now is whether the impending recession will be shallow & short lived, or deep & painful. While a true direction can’t be determined at this point in time, there are some implications of historical yield curve analysis worth considering. Learn more in this Protect Your Assets Market Segment.   


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