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10/12 – Retirement Is Expensive

You know how they say kids are expensive? Well, that’s true, but retirees can be expensive too! Today we are going to help you better plan and prepare for spending more money In retirement than you expected. Between travel, fitness, utilities, and giving, retirement may cost you more than expected!

9/21 – A Required Minimum Distribution

A required minimum distribution (RMD) is the amount of money that must be withdrawn from a traditional, SEP, or SIMPLE IRA account by owners and qualified plan participants. Tune in for ways to take control!

9/14 – Stories From The Week

In this episode of Protect Your assets, David shares some of the most interesting stories from the week.

9/7 – How To Design A Retirement That Keeps You Both Happy

Today’s show will be really important to you if you have someone special in your life. Are you married? Thinking about getting married? Or happily living with your life partner? Well, today our show is dedicated to couples…why? Because one of the most common disagreements and conflicts between couples has to do with money, so keep it tuned for the entire hour as we help you learn How To Design A Retirement That Keeps You Both Happy!

8/31 – Annual 401k Checkup

Today’s show is going to be really important to you if you have a 401(k) or TSP retirement plan. That’s because you are probably overdue for a checkup. No worries, we will help you take care of that during today’s show…and I promise it will be easy and pain-free (unlike an actual physical)! So, keep it tuned right here in order to help get your 401(k) or TSP plan into tip-top shape…it’s Time For Your Annual 401(k) Checkup!

8/24 – Financial Wisdom From The Founding Fathers

If you love America and what our founding fathers created for us then you will love what David Hollander has in store for you! This week we examine what the founding father’s wisdom can still teach us today about how to manage our money better.

8/10 – Volatility Preparedness Kit

7/22 – How To Prepare For Market Correction

The stock market has been hot, hot, hot over the last year…leaving many investors wondering when things are going to start falling apart. How are you feeling about the market? How much higher can it go before it falls back to earth? Well, a recent survey shows that more than half of investors expect a market correction before the end of the year, so odds are, you too are concerned about a market correction. The good news is…a correction can’t catch you off guard if you’re prepared ahead of time! 

7/13 – Set In Stone

10 Financial Commandments to Live By In Your 50s To use a football analogy, when you’re in your 50’s it’s like half-time…and you have to call the right plays and have the best players in the huddle. That’s because this is the time to make up yards if you’re behind and make sure everything is on track for a victorious win at retirement. There’s very little room for error when you’re in your 50’s so we are going to walk you through what you need to do if you’re in your 50’s or well on your way there!  

7/6 – Money & Tax Saving Strategies For Business Owners: Part 2

On today’s show we will be focusing on business owners. Did you know, that as a business owner – whether you have employees or you’re the only one – there are a boatload of ways to save money and save on taxes…and we’re going to help you do just that very thing as we share Money & Tax Saving Strategies For Business Owners.   

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