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Latest Episodes

The Retirement Money Poll – What People Are Worried About & What You Can Do About It

A new poll out points to some surprising trends on how people are thinking and feeling about money in retirement these days. Find out what your peers may be worrying about and, more importantly, what you can do right now to remove that worry in your life! Stay with us today as we share The Retirement Money Poll – What People Are Worried About & What You Can Do About It!

Market Segment: Market Continues to Fall

The third quarter ended last week and the market hit lows for the year as all major indexes are down over 20 percent. How deep will this economic downturn be? Find out what you should be looking out for in the days ahead in this week’s Protect Your Assets Market Recap.

Variable Annuities in Retirement

There may not be a financial product that is surrounded by more confusion and misinformation than annuities. It is important that you zero in on the misunderstood facts about variable annuities and potentially expose their darker side. Don’t get exposed…

Market Segment: Another Tough Week for the Market

It was another rough week for the markets as all major indexes finished down over four percent. Oil is slowly pulling back and bonds are off twelve percent year to date. So what should you do going forward? How did…

Teaching your Kids about Money

Teaching our kids about earning and saving money is an important life skill that can pay huge dividends in their future. Starting the conversation can be difficult as you may not know where to begin. Find out six things you…


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