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Retirement Checklist

Retirement is one of the most important decisions in life. If you are thinking about retiring you must have a plan to avoid costly mistakes. Find out if you are ready by taking our checklist challenge in this week’s episode of Protect Your Assets

Markets Slow Down

The markets finished the week slightly off as all three major indexes finished the week down. How will increased tax rates impact the economy going forward? Find out what you should be looking out for in this week’s market recap.

How to Prepare for Retirement

If you are thinking about retiring within the next few years, you need to make some important decisions. There are so many factors to consider to make sure you maximize your money to make it last. Find out five important decisions you need to make before you retire in this week’s episode of Protect Your Assets.

Market Stays Resilient

The Markets had mixed results this year and the 10 year treasury finished the week slightly positive. How will the latest jobs report affect the economy? All these things will be discussed by the fed later this month. How should you prepare to make sure you can handle potential changes to our economy? Find out in this week’s market recap.

What to do with Old Retirement Plans

Life is busy and sometimes people forget or just don’t have time to figure out what to do with old 401k plans. Learn some strategies on how to reclaim your money and put it to work for you in this week’s episode of Protect Your Assets.


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