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Latest Episodes

Market Segment: Reflecting on the Three Keys to the Bottom

Reports are showing that inflation and rising costs to borrow money have caused a solid contraction in business activity across the U.S. private sector, which helped the market in November. Then, some negative news from the University of Michigan’s five-year…

Market Segment: Will Inflation Come Down Faster Than the Market Expects?

Crypto came up in a big way this week. What’s next for the industry? Plus, inflation and industrial production are intertwined. Find out how in this week’s market segment.

Tips for Staying Safe During the Holiday Season

Americans collectively lose $50 billion per year to fraud. Fraudsters and thieves are innovative professionals, constantly reinventing ways to rip you off. When fraud happens or a robbery happens, you’re left not only with financial loss but a compromised identity and emotional distress. However, there are ways to protect yourself. And today, Piedmont California Police Chief Jeremy Bowers is in the studio to cover common present-day scams and crimes, why they are successful, some red flags that a scam may be afoot, and what you can do if it happens to you.

Plus, catch the weekly market report where The Sandman breaks down what’s next for the cryptocurrency industry, recent negative corporate earnings news, and capacity utilization for industrial production—and so much more.

Stocks Surge After October Consumer Price Index Rose Less Than Expectations

All the major indexes gapped higher at market open in the wake of a much cooler-than-feared October Consumer Price Index report, which measures inflation. Does this mean inflation is cooling? And are we still seeing signs of a bear market?…

5 Common Mistakes Federal Government Employees Make With Their Thrift Savings Plan

Federal government employees, including members of the armed forces, have access to a tax-deferred retirement and investment vehicle called the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP). If you’re not using it in the right ways, it can be costly for you. Like a good education, it only helps if you use it. This episode shares five common mistakes people make with their TSP—costly mistakes that you could be making right now. If you or your loved ones have a TSP or are in service of the federal government, listen to this entire show as we expose the risks of the G Fund and more and how to fix them.

Plus, catch the weekly market report where The Sandman discusses if inflation is cooling and if better times are ahead for the 60-40 portfolio, which was down 21% last month—losses we haven’t seen since 2008.


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