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We believe one of the top financial mistakes people make is not planning for their future—even if the plan changes as you do. That’s why we’re so passionate about helping others pursue their dreams and achieve financial freedom.

At Liberty Group, we believe that the highest compliment our clients can give us is the referral of their friends, family, and business associates. If someone is important to you, they’re important to us, too. That's why we've created our Spread the Word program. As a valued client, you know the personal attention we provide and results we’ve helped you create in your own life.

When you refer a friend to Liberty Group, you're not just recommending an advisor—you're sharing a pathway towards financial independence, personalized wealth management strategies, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing one's financial future is in our hands.

Our best work is with people who:

    • Are at or near retirement
    • Want to achieve financial freedom
    • Are still working and want to maximize their retirement savings and build a financial plan for their remaining working years and beyond
    • Have pressing questions about their finances—or retirement specifically—that they need help answering
    • Desire a relationship with a trusted advisor
    • Want to continue their quality of life in retirement—or even do more than they’re doing now
    • Are successful and knowledgeable in their field of expertise and value the same in others
    • Value family, community, education, and connection
    • Want to protect their legacy and savings they’ve worked so hard for


    So, why wait? Refer a friend or family member today!

    How does it work?

    Fill out the form below to submit a referral’s name to us. It’s helpful if they know you’re referring them to us and know we’ll be reaching out. We’ll contact them and let them know you want to connect us. You can also email your advisor directly to connect them with your friend or family member.

    Help your friends take the first step on their path to financial success and enjoy the reward of being a beacon of help and hope for others. Thank you for your continued trust and confidence.

Liberty Wealth Management (LWM) provides members of The Sandman Club with noncash compensation, such as exclusive events and entertainment, in exchange for testimonials/referral activities. Due to LWM's relationship with the testimonial-provider, material conflicts of interest may arise, including but not limited to an incentive to promote, an affiliation or relationship with the adviser.

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