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From Marketing to Real Estate: Phil Rontell’s Dynamic Career Journey

In this episode of The Clear Cut, host Claire Hollander sits down with Phil Rontell, Head of Business Development at Liberty Group and a real estate agent. Join us as Phil shares his educational background, the diverse experiences that shaped his career, and his passion for real estate. Discover how Phil’s journey has influenced Liberty Group’s new real estate division, and gain insights into the unique approach that sets them apart. Phil also discusses the importance of empathy in business development and offers actionable advice on having a backup plan. Tune in for an inspiring conversation filled with lessons and industry insights.

Understanding Your Social Security Benefits

In this episode of Protect Your Assets, host David Hollander, also known as The Sandman, explores the critical aspects of Social Security that every retiree should be aware of. Are you planning on collecting Social Security? Will the benefits you’ve been anticipating be there when you need them? Learn about strategies to potentially increase your Social Security income, the importance of your full retirement age (FRA), and the latest updates from the Social Security trustees’ report. Whether Social Security is a major part of your retirement plan or just an additional source of income, this episode offers insights to help you make informed decisions.

Retirement Readiness: Planning for Your Financial Future

In this episode of Protect Your Assets, The Sandman discusses how to prepare for a comfortable retirement. Through the story of a client named Mark, David highlights the importance of comprehensive financial planning, addressing concerns about savings, healthcare costs, and long-term care. Learn practical steps to help make sure your retirement plans stay on track and avoid common financial pitfalls. Tune in for advice on navigating the complexities of retirement planning.

From Courtrooms to Cafés: A Journey of Law and Entrepreneurship with Sheila Hollander

Join us on this episode of The Clear Cut as we explore the inspiring journey of Sheila Hollander. Host Claire Hollander delves into Sheila’s transition from practicing law to co-founding Liberty Group, a wealth management and estate law firm, and Petit Cafe, a beloved vegetarian cafe in Oakland, California.

Sheila shares her experiences in balancing professional aspirations with personal goals, the importance of aligning with a mission, and her commitment to quality and community. Whether you’re interested in law or business or love a good story, Sheila’s journey offers valuable lessons on versatility and determination.

Tech-Savvy Criminals: Tips for Protecting Yourself from Modern Financial Scams

In this episode of Protect Your Assets, host David Hollander, also known as The Sandman, dives deep into the latest scams that could potentially threaten your hard-earned money. With the rapid advancement of AI and other technologies, criminals are finding new, creative ways to steal from unsuspecting victims. Joined by Chief Jeremy Bowers of the Piedmont Police Department, David discusses how these scams work, shares real-life stories, and provides crucial tips on how to help protect your finances. Tune in to learn about the newest tactics crooks are using, from check cooking to voice printing and celebrity impersonation scams, and how you can stay one step ahead.

Building a Brand in Real Estate: Elsa Kurahara’s Story

Join us on this episode of The Clear Cut as we delve into the journey of Elsa Kurahara, a dynamic real estate professional who transitioned from small-town markets to the bustling scene in Seattle. Raised in Oakland and having moved across the Pacific Northwest, Elsa shares her unique path from aspiring architect to real estate, detailing her experiences in diverse environments, the pivotal role of mentorship, and the strategic use of personal branding and social media. Host Claire Hollander leads this insightful discussion, exploring how Elsa’s adaptability and innovative approaches have fueled her impressive career, including over $12 million in sales. Whether you’re a budding real estate agent or seeking inspiration for career growth, Elsa’s story offers valuable lessons on perseverance, networking, and making your mark in a competitive industry.

Market Segment: Smart Moves for Your Retirement Portfolio During Times of Market Volatility

In this market segment, The Sandman tackles the recent market volatility and its implications for your retirement strategy. With the Dow Jones, S&P, and Nasdaq showing mixed performances, and short-term interest rates at their highest in 20 years, The Sandman emphasizes the importance of diversification. Tune in to gain insights on maintaining a balanced portfolio, especially if you’re nearing retirement, and learn how you can help yourself protect your income and future in uncertain times.

Decisions for a Lifetime: Turning Your Pension into Predictable Income

In this episode of Protect Your Assets, host David Hollander dives deep into one of the most critical financial decisions you’ll ever make: turning your pension or retirement fund into a lifetime income stream. David explains why the choice you make may be irrevocable and how it can impact you and your family’s future. From understanding different pension options to creating a self-managed pension plan, David provides insights to potentially help you avoid costly mistakes. Whether you’re nearing retirement or planning ahead, don’t miss this essential episode to help guide your financial future. Tune in to learn how to create a stable, predictable income for the rest of your life.

A Volleyball Star’s Journey Through Nursing: Masha Yelsukova

Join host Claire Hollander on this inspiring episode of The Clear Cut, exploring the dynamic world of healthcare through the eyes of Masha Yelsukova. From her early days as a D1 volleyball athlete to her challenging role in ICU nursing, Masha shares her unique path that includes adapting to a new country, pursuing rigorous academic challenges, and, ultimately, transitioning to a role in transplant organ procurement. Dive into the complexities of ICU nursing, understand the shifts in compensation and workload, and discover the myriad opportunities beyond bedside nursing. Whether you’re a healthcare professional or simply curious about the intricacies of the industry, this episode is a testament to resilience and innovation in nursing. 

The 100 Days of Darkness in Retirement

In this episode of Protect Your Assets, host David Hollander delves into the “100 Days of Darkness,” comparing the early days of parenthood to the initial phase of retirement. He discusses the challenges faced by new retirees and offers practical steps to navigate this transition. You’ll also hear from a caller dealing with complex family trust issues, showcasing real-life scenarios handled with professional advice. David covers essential components of a successful retirement plan, including investment strategies, income generation, healthcare, and estate planning. Tune in for valuable insights and advice to help make your retirement years truly golden.

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