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Protect Your Assets Market Briefing is hosted by David Hollander, Founder of Liberty Group. Twice a week, you’ll get market reports, highlights, or clips from David’s radio show and full weekly podcast, Protect Your Assets. As an investment advisor, David is on a mission to reduce investors’ financial fears by helping to address their biggest challenges and future goals. We’ll cover topics such as what people often believe are smart money moves, how policy affects your investments, generating income in retirement, handling inflation, volatility, and more.

David Hollander, The Sandman℠, strives to help his listeners sleep well at night, knowing their assets are protected. Hear our show on KNBR, your favorite podcast app, and on Alexa and Google Assistant.

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Latest Episodes

Market Has Worst Six Months Since 1970

There are a few days left before we are mid year, two quarters behind us. The market has had the worst six months since 1970. Does this mean we are going into a recession? Stocks are starting to show the signs that growth for the overall economy is slowing. What else should you be looking out for? Find out in this Protect Your Assets Market Briefing.

The Three Keys to the Bottom for Stocks

There are three events that need to happen before any potential bottom for stocks has been reached. The first key is China, as their lockdowns must ease before we see growth recover. What are the other two factors in determining the bottom of this pullback? Find out in this Protect Your Assets Market Briefing.

Inflation Continues to Impact the Market

The consumer price index report, which measures inflation, was ugly and the market did not like it. Indicators believe that the Fed will raise interest rates further which may create more volatility.  Will this create more turmoil in stocks? Find out the answers in this week’s Protect Your Assets Market Briefing.

Stocks Drop after Inflation Report

Stocks dropped last week after the highly anticipated inflation report showed a faster than expected rise in prices. This caused consumer sentiment to hit a record low. What other factors caused the markets to drop? Find out in this Protect Your Assets Market Briefing.

The 3 Most Important Parts of the Jobs Report

The most recent jobs report showed some too-hot numbers, including the number of jobs added and the unemployment rate. However, wage growth came in slightly under expectations, which means it didn’t crush the market. Learn more about how the labor market drives the stock market this week. Latest jobs report:


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