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    STEP 1


    Are we a good fit?
    Share your story, clarify your values, identify goals and dreams, discuss concerns, and provide statements.

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    STEP 2


    Can we add value?
    Perform risk assessment, evaluate fees and risk, stress-test current portfolio, identify potential pitfalls, uncover opportunities, share our approach, decide if we’re a good fit, transfer existing assets, and review current plan.

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    STEP 3


    Build a tailored plan.
    Structure retirement income, optimize social security, utilize tax efficient solutions, develop an investment strategy, and Plan for long term-care.

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    STEP 4


    Review & Finalize.
    Financial progress report, updated account summary, review new accounts, setup online access, set review frequency, identify missing pieces, and establish next steps.

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    STEP 5


    An ongoing relationship.
    Periodic review meetings, account monitoring, regular refinement of plan, consistent communication, value-added services, workshops and webinars, client events and socials, tax preparation service, informational resources, and a financial concierge



Will your retirement be affected by the Trump Tax Laws?

With this 10-page instant download, written by one of Washington’s savviest political observers, you'll discover:

  • How your taxes could be affected by the Trump tax change – today and in retirement
  • Ways to help ensure your portfolio is as tax efficient as possible
  • Strategies designed to make sure you don’t give Uncle Sam a penny more than necessary

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Attend one of our informational workshops to learn more about retirement income strategies, wealth management and more...

September 19
Dinner Workshop – Are You Ready For Retirement?
6:30 pm | Piatti, Santa Clara
October 24
Dinner Workshop – Are You Ready For Retirement?
6:30 pm | Piatti, Mill Valley
October 29
Dinner Workshop – Are You Ready For Retirement?
6:30 pm | Piatti, Mill Valley

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