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    Share your story
    Identify your values, goals and dreams. We’ll review your statements and discuss any concerns.

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    Can we add value?

    After evaluating risk and fees in your current plan, we’ll help identify any potential pitfalls.
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    Build a tailored plan.
    We’ll help you develop a thoughtful, tax-efficient retirement strategy.

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    Review & Finalize.
    We’ll review your financial strategy and new accounts, then talk about next steps.

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    An ongoing relationship.

    We’re here for you whenever you need us, with periodic reviews, events and our financial concierge service.

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February 21
Tax-Smart Retirement
5:30 pm |

Dinner Workshop

LG’s Prime Steakhouse – La Quinta, CA

February 29
Tax-Smart Retirement
6:15 pm |

Dinner Workshop

Il Fornaio, Irvine

March 7
Tax-Smart Retirement
6:15 pm |

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Il Fornaio, Irvine

March 14
Tax-Smart Retirement
6:15 pm |

Dinner Workshop

Perry’s – Larkspur, CA

March 21
Tax-Smart Retirement
5:30 pm |

Dinner Workshop

Perry’s – Larkspur, CA

March 21
Tax-Smart Retirement
5:30 pm |

Dinner Workshop

Ruth’s Chris Steak House – Palm Desert, CA

March 27
Tax-Smart Retirement
5:30 pm |

Dinner Workshop

Ruth’s Chris Steak House – Palm Desert, CA

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