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Tax-Deferred vs. Tax-Free: Knowing the Difference

By Marissa Barnhill | December 1, 2023

Navigating the world of investments can often feel daunting, especially when it comes to knowing the impact of taxes on your hard-earned money. Two key concepts that stand as cornerstones in this complex landscape are tax-deferred and tax-free investments. While they may sound similar, each holds unique implications for your…

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Improving Financial Literacy in Your 30s: A Decade of Smart Money Moves

By Marissa Barnhill | November 24, 2023

As you enter the vibrant decade of your 30s—filled with potential and challenges, from finding the right career and company and basic retirement planning to possible homeownership and paying off debt, financial literacy becomes not just a useful skill but a critical cornerstone of your personal and professional life. This…

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What Is a Living Trust and Why You Should Have One

By Amanda McFarlane | November 17, 2023

Estate planning is important, no matter your age, wealth, or financial assets or status. Basic estate planning often covers a will and advanced healthcare directives, which lets your medical team and family know your wishes for your health and care in life-threatening medical situations. A living trust is an extension…

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Introduction to Retirement Taxation

By Marissa Barnhill | November 17, 2023

Retirement taxation is a multifaceted and crucial aspect of financial planning that’s important to consider when preparing to enter your golden years. It encompasses the intricacies of taxes, deductions, and credits that can impact your income during retirement. Understanding retirement taxation is not just a financial perk; it’s an essential…

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What Is Financial Risk Tolerance?

By Amanda McFarlane | November 14, 2023

When you hear the word “risk” in association with your money and investing, what do you feel? Are you excited about the opportunity for high returns or feel the thrill of investing? Or do you worry that you’ll lose a portion of your nest egg—or everything? Do you think risk…

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What Is an Annuity—and Why It May Be the Missing Piece in Your Retirement Plan

By Amanda McFarlane | November 14, 2023

Do you consider yourself a good money saver? Do you live below your means? Do the market ups and downs make you nervous? If having safety in your retirement portfolio is important to you, annuities may be a good option. Annuities are gaining in popularity because of market volatility and…

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What Is Blockchain Technology?

By Amanda McFarlane | November 14, 2023

What Is Blockchain Technology? Blockchain is a digital ledger on which cryptocurrency transactions are distributed across a network of computers using information encrypted by cryptography. Blockchain is open-source distributed ledger technology (DLT) that decentralizes financial transactions. Transactions can be for either tangible (house, car, goods, etc.) or intangible (intellectual property…

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What Is Cryptocurrency?

By Amanda McFarlane | November 14, 2023

What Is Cryptocurrency? We’ve all heard of bitcoin, but what IS it? Bitcoin is the most well-known and highest-valued—and first—cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is decentralized digital currency that can be used to purchase goods and services or be traded or sold for a profit (or loss). A digital currency only exists electronically,…

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