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The 4 Steps to Prepare Your Portfolio for an Election

This week on the podcast we talked about how to prepare your investment portfolio for the 2020 Election Season! Here are the 4 Steps to Success that we outlined throughout the week. Step 1: Use Diversification and Non-Correlating Assets A diversified portfolio is the concept of investing in a wide variety of assets to reduce…
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3 Options for Your 401k When You Leave Your Job

Have you recently been offered a package from your company asking you to leave or retire? There are many companies doing this to employees to save money. Often people accept them without figuring out if it is a good decision or not. Below, are three options that you can do with your 401k!
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Mega Backdoor Roth Secret

Most of our clients want to learn ways to increase income, reduce taxes and not run out of money while minimizing market risk and unnecessary fees. This informational program addresses the facts…the good, the bad and the small print. You will learn how to avoid the most common mistakes to help make sound financial decisions.…
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Talk to The Sandman on Alexa or Google

You have investing and retirement questions. We have answers. Now you can enjoy Protect Your Assets and financial advice 24/7 hands-free on your smart speaker or smartphone! Protect Your Assets is a new voice app available on Alexa and Google Assistant. You can talk to David Hollander, “The Sandman” and access our podcast and most requested…
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How to Avoid Probate

As you may know, probate is the legal process of “proving” a will after someone’s passing. Often times this process can take months, even years to resolve or conclude. Once probate begins after a person dies, that person’s assets become part of his or her estate unless those assets were co-owned by someone else, such…
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Benefits of Fixed Index Annuities

What are the benefits of fixed index annuities? Could a fixed index annuity make sense for your retirement portfolio? These questions are ones that come up more frequently as the options in Fixed Index and other types of annuities become more popular as a way to generate income in retirement. Exploring this type of product…
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Why You Shouldn’t Worry About Market Volatility

Remember the 2008/2009 GFC (Great Financial Crisis)? Who can forget. But remember this, too: we survived it. During periods of crisis, it’s normal to see tremendous volatility. Consider this: during 2008 the low was down almost 40% and at the top of 2009, you had the market up almost 80%. Within less than a two-year…
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