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1/5 – Retirement Boot Camp Week 1

It’s a brand new year and that means “The Sandman” is your drill Sargent all month long. It’s Retirement Boot Camp on Protect Your Assets with David Hollander. Get in gear soldier!

12/08 – How Do I Live Off My Investments And Not Run Out?

It’s the #1 financial question YOU MUST have an answer to IF you want to retire comfortably and enjoy retirement instead of worrying about it…and that is “How Do I Live Off My Investments And Not Run Out?” We understand how nervous and anxious you are about retirement, but if you can just answer this one question, you will feel soooo much better about retiring…and you’ll have the freedom to focus on the fun stuff like where you’re going to travel to next.

12/01 – Year-End Smart Money Moves

Taxes are low, the markets are volatile, interest rates are higher – so NOW IS THE TIME to make some smart money moves! Before it’s too late! On today’sshow we are going to detail out Year-End Smart Money Moves that you should make. Our goal is to help you save on taxes, make more money, and invest smarter – and you can only find it here on PYA!

11/24 – The Best Financial Strategies for Military Families

If you have served or are currently serving in our Armed Forces – first of all thank you for your service– second, you do NOT want to miss out today’s show because it’s dedicated TO YOU! We are going to share what we have found to be The Best Financial Strategies for Military Families. We will help you save money, invest better, and use all the tax saving benefits available to you and your family. Today, we salute those who serve – and you can only find it here on Protect Your Assets with David Hollander!

11/17 – Market Losses Continue – What Should You Do?

With the markets becoming more risky and looking like it’s going to get worse before it gets better…you may be wondering, is it time to bail? Should you stay the course? Or switch your investment strategy? Is your portfolio on the right track – or headed for disaster? We’ll have all the answers for you on today’s show as we share Market Losses Continue – What Should You Do?


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