A Volleyball Star’s Journey Through Nursing: Masha Yelsukova

Join host Claire Hollander on this inspiring episode of The Clear Cut, exploring the dynamic world of healthcare through the eyes of Masha Yelsukova. From her early days as a D1 volleyball athlete to her challenging role in ICU nursing, Masha shares her unique path that includes adapting to a new country, pursuing rigorous academic challenges, and, ultimately, transitioning to a role in transplant organ procurement. Dive into the complexities of ICU nursing, understand the shifts in compensation and workload, and discover the myriad opportunities beyond bedside nursing. Whether you’re a healthcare professional or simply curious about the intricacies of the industry, this episode is a testament to resilience and innovation in nursing. 

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Wealth Management, Law, and Life with David Hollander

In this episode of The Clear Cut, host Claire Hollander welcomes her father and mentor, David Hollander, an entrepreneur, lawyer, and investment advisor representative. David shares the journey from his initial aspirations in entertainment law to founding Liberty Group, where he and his team innovatively combine financial services, legal advice, and tax planning under one roof.

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Introducing The Clear Cut

Welcome to the debut episode of The Clear Cut with Claire Hollander!  Dive into a mix of personal growth and professional insights as Claire, a wealth advisor at Liberty Group, shares her unique journey. From her early involvement in her family’s wealth management firm, through a segue into the wine industry, and her return to the finance world, Claire’s experiences shape her holistic approach to wealth management. 

In this premiere episode, Claire discusses the importance of considering retirement planning and life aspirations early on, setting the stage for future episodes that delve into personal finance, mental wellness, career development, and life balance with guests from all walks of life. 

Are you contemplating a career shift, aiming to boost your financial wellness, or intrigued by the idea of a more fulfilling life? This episode offers the insights and inspiration you need to embark on your path to clarity and fulfillment. Subscribe and join us on this enlightening journey with The Clear Cut. 

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