Are You Ready for Retirement? 34 Key Points to Consider

Have you thought of what your ideal retirement looks like? We think most people have, but often, our imagination can also lead to feelings of uncertainty. You may have questions like, have I saved enough for retirement? What will happen to my retirement savings if there’s a market downturn or recession? Could changes in politics and policies affect my nest egg? What impact could increased taxes have on my income? These are all important questions to consider before you enter retirement.


We have a 34-point retirement checklist full of thought-provoking points designed to measure your retirement readiness related to:

✔️ Income

✔️ Medical and healthcare

✔️ Advanced financial planning

✔️ Risk management

✔️ Tax-efficient financial strategies


Do you have specific questions as you approach retirement? You can send your questions to for a chance to be answered on air.


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