Business Owner or Senior Leadership? Tips for Keeping Your Company Healthy in 2023

If you own a business or are a member of company leadership, whether it be a string of gas stations or a Fortune 500 Company, 2023 may be a tough year for your bottom line. Hopefully, all sorts of negative business influences—like recession fears, stagflation, and labor challenges—are on your planning agenda. Here are some tips to help you address some of these issues and make smart business decisions to keep your business healthy this year. 


Plus, recent earning results have been mixed, and the markets have been following earnings this last week for any signals about growth. Growth and inflation go hand in hand because that sets up stagflation—something we’re trying to avoid. Are we going to get a soft landing from the Fed? Will they continue to raise rates? There are many opinions floating around about this. Hear The Sandman’s take this week. 


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