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What SOR Risk Is and How to Lower It

One of the biggest decisions—and largest risks—you’ll face is retirement is how to take money out of your accounts and live off of that for the rest of your life when the markets are going up and down. If you do it right, it’s possible to have predictable, consistent income month after month. But if you do it hastily, you could run out. That’s what we want to help you avoid against, and one of the main reasons people run out of money is something called SOR risk, also known as sequence of return risk. This is one thing you have to closely guard against. The Sandman is covering what SOR risk is and how you can protect your retirement from it.
Plus, one of your most important assets is your health and well-being. Angie Campos, the clinical director of Egoscue postural therapy, is here to discuss how this therapy can help relieve pain.

Market Segment: Positive Trend in Consumer Spending So Far in 2023

2023 is off to a strong start for consumer spending. Even though the economy started on solid footing in January, the unexpected consumer strength, the tight labor market, and inflation, which keeps hanging in there, are challenging the Fed to keep interest rates higher for longer. Hear the rest of The Sandman’s market report.

Can the Market Rally Continue?

Some uncertainty and volatility returned to the markets last week, prompting the question: Will the rally continue or will volatility increase? Plus, the 10-2 spread is inverted, meaning the two-year Treasury is paying more than the 10-year Treasury. Does this mean the Fed has raised rates too much? All this and more on this week’s market segment.

Inflation Fight Still On

U.S. stock markets rose, but gains have evaporated a bit with the Fed’s most recent rate hike and data pointing to a tight labor market. Central banks are also becoming more nuanced in their fight against inflation. Consumers are still…

How You Could Have More Control Over Your Taxes Than You Might Think

Reducing the taxes you pay in retirement means you likely will need to withdraw less money from your savings each year to cover expenses. As a result, your savings may last longer, leaving more money available to spend on things you enjoy. While most people understand this, many often fail to fully appreciate the control they could have over taxes. People who acquire large amounts of wealth often recognize that many strategies exist to control when taxes will be paid. More important is the realization that by timing when taxes are paid, opportunities arise to also control the amount of those taxes. With the planned sunsetting of the 2018 Tax Cuts and Job Acts and concern that tax rates might be rising in the future, now is an ideal time to understand the extent of your control your taxes and how this might lead to a more confident and enjoyable lifestyle now—not to mention your retirement.


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