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Latest Episodes

Market Segment: 3 Events That Rocked the Rally

The markets had a negative week this past week, but why? What rocked the rally? There are three reasons: 1) The Fed’s decision to raise the Fed funds rate by 0.75%, bringing the rate from near zero to 4.0% this year, and 2) the recent JOLTS report, and 3) PMI – manufacturing index results. Hear The Sandman’s more detailed analysis of the stock market and economy in this week’s market segment. 

7 Questions to Ask Your Parents About Their Finances and Estate Plan

If you have older parents, you may be wondering if they are going to be okay, not only financially, but also if something happens to them health-wise. Talking to your parents about their money and estate plan can be tough for a variety of reasons. Since Thanksgiving is a couple of weeks away, it’s a good idea to start preparing for a talk with your parents about their finances, especially if it’s likely that you’re going to be the one in the family who’s going to be taking care of them. Here are seven questions to ask your parents to help get that conversation started.

Market Segment: The Tale of Two Markets

After an interesting rally the last few weeks, the markets, bonds, and oil all ended up for the week, but the S&P 500 and Nasdaq are still in bear market territory. Why? This market segment covers year-to-date numbers, the impact of heavy weighting in tech, and some signs that the Fed’s actions against inflation are starting to work.

Five Tricks, Not Treats, Financial Advisors May Use to Dupe You

If you’ve wondered about bad investments, excessive fees, or getting duped by fraudsters, this Halloween show is for you as we uncover five some of the top tricks that cybercriminals, financial advisors, and financial institutions use to dupe unknowing investors into making bad decisions with their finances. Some may even be unknowingly participating in these.

The Couples Show: How to Design a Retirement That Keeps You Both Happy

Are you married, thinking about getting married, or happily living with your life partner? One of the most common disagreements and conflicts between couples has to do with money. If protecting your assets during these volatile times is important to you, it’s important that you get some advice when it comes to your marriage and money.

The financial and investing world is intimidating. It’s confusing, and people tend to freeze and do nothing or do the wrong thing—and no one wants to make a bad decision with their money. If there’s one thing we know, it’s that people just want to be heard and they want a plan that they can understand and implement. Does that sound familiar to you? On this episode, we’re sharing how to design a retirement that keeps you both happy and walking you through the steps to get there.


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