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Latest Episodes

Market Segment: Positive Week for the Markets

Last week there was finally some positive movement in the markets as all major indexes finished the week up over four percent. Does this mean that the current bear market is almost over? Find out the answers to your questions in this week’s Market Recap.

The Bear Market Quiz: Do You Know More Than an Eighth Grader?

With the stock market volatility this year, there’s no shortage of whispers—and shouts—that we’re in a bear market and/or recession. Inflation is on many people’s minds. What is a bear market, and what do you need to know about them? What can you do right now to protect yourself? Can you recover this late in the game? Are you still able to retire, even though your 401(k) may be down 30% or more?

Hear some facts and myths about bear markets on this episode, The Bear Market Quiz: Do You Know More Than an Eighth Grader?

Market Segment: Another Week of Significant Volatility

It was another volatile week for the markets, with the S&P finishing the week up and the NASDAQ and Dow both in the negative. This volatility has a lot of people rattled, so what happened and why was last Thursday such a rollercoaster? Find out what you need to be looking out for in this week’s Market Recap.

Aid & Attendance Benefits for Veterans + Three Possible Changes to RMDs

It’s not a matter of if your health fails but when your health fails. And when it does, the people you love are the ones who pay the biggest price. It’ll be your spouse and/or your kids who will have to care for you and who are left holding the bag on the medical bills that are oftentimes enough to completely wipe someone out. The Sandman has a strategy for veterans to get additional financial assistance from the Veteran’s Administration.

Also, as if RMDs aren’t confusing enough for retirees, Congress is considering 2 new bills that could have an impact on your RMDs. If you’re RMD age (which is 72 by the way) or you will be RMD age in the next 5-10 years, this show is for you.

Market Segment: Volatility Alive and Healthy

This past week the Dow was off almost 20 percent for the year and the S&P was still off over 23 percent. This shows that volatility is here to stay in the near future. What factors are leading this current wave of volatility in the markets? Find out in this week’s Protect Your Assets Market Recap.


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