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Will the Market Slow Down?

The market seems to keep going higher and higher. The major indexes finished this week in the green yet again. However could talks of inflation and an alarming jobs report slow down the market? Find out what you need to know in this week’s market recap.

Should you do a Roth Conversion?

The most tax laden asset for most people is their IRA or 401k. That leads most people to consider converting to a Roth IRA to avoid taxes. Well is that always the right thing to do? Find out five things to consider before you convert in this episode of Protect Your Assets.

Markets Slow This Week

The major indexes had a slow week, with the Dow and Nasdaq both finished slightly down.  There was a lot of press about the GDP number, how should you interpret the new? The market doesn’t necessarily trade off of the GDP even though the media focuses on it. What should you be looking out for going forward? Find out in this week’s market recap.

Frequently Asked Questions in Retirement.

There are so many factors in achieving a successful retirement. From pensions to taxes, there are a number of areas that retirees may not quite understand. Well find out the most frequently asked questions that we receive in this week’s episode of Protect Your Assets.

Markets React To Potential Higher Taxes

All three indexes finished in the red this week after the Biden administration proposed an increase to capital gain taxes. What else might lead to other changes in our economy? Find out in this week’s market segment.


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