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Latest Episodes

Five Things to Consider if You’re Turning 65 This Year

March 25, 2024

In this episode, David Hollander, aka The Sandman, dives into the crucial considerations for Americans reaching the retirement milestone of 65 in 2024, a record-setting year known as “Peak 65” or the “Silver Tsunami.” Highlighting the broad implications on Social Security, healthcare, and caregiving, David offers advice on legal status changes, Medicare enrollment, protection against financial scams, and the importance of preparing for retirement through diverse income streams and careful planning. The episode combines vital financial, legal, and healthcare information with actionable insights, emphasizing the need for early preparation and informed decision-making as one approaches this significant life milestone.

Market Segment: Market Tides: Navigating the Waves of Inflation and Volatility

March 18, 2024

In this market segment, dive deep into the latest financial currents with David Hollander as he dissects an eventful week on Wall Street. Despite a stagnant Dow and a slight dip in Nasdaq, we saw gains in oil and signs of resilience in the bond market. Reflecting on the tumultuous aftermath of Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse a year ago, The Sandman emphasizes the transformative journey from a bear to a bullish market reminiscent of the 90s. With inflation’s persistent heat and the Federal Reserve’s stance on interest rates, he unravels the complexities behind the recent economic data, including the surprising CPI and PPI reports.

Strategies for Business Owners: Exploring Tax-Free Retirement Income & More

March 18, 2024

In this episode of Protect Your Assets, host David Hollander explores strategies for possibly creating tax-free retirement income for business owners. Joined by insurance professional Tracy Tamura and Bill Poate of Friedmans Appliance, they delve into the risks business owners face and how to help protect and enhance employee and personal financial wellbeing. Discover insights on employee retention, wealth creation, and the transition of businesses to future generations. Plus, learn about the success behind Friedmans Appliance’s employee ownership model.

Market Segment: Unpacking Labor Market Trends: Implications for Inflation and Stocks

March 11, 2024

In this market segment, The Sandman delves into the latest financial trends as the labor market begins to show signs of slowing, impacting the stock market for another week. He observes mixed performances across major indexes with the Dow dipping, the S&P 500 slightly up, and the Nasdaq experiencing a decline. Despite these fluctuations, international markets like Europe’s show strength. The Sandman also unpacks recent jobs data suggesting a cooling labor market, which could be a silver lining for inflation concerns. Additionally, he explores the potential for interest rate cuts by major central banks in response to changing inflation expectations, and what this means for investors globally.

The 401(k) Breakdown: Making Sense of Your Retirement Savings and Account Fees

March 11, 2024

Join David Hollander, also known as The Sandman, in this episode of Protect Your Assets as he breaks down what you need to know about your 401(k). With years of experience in tax, legal, and financial planning, David discusses the importance of being aware of fees, making informed investment choices in fluctuating markets, and managing the stress that comes with 401(k) decisions. Learn about the potential for hidden fees in your plan and how to investigate them, the reality of market volatility, and options for better managing your retirement savings. If you have questions about your 401(k) or want to get a clearer picture of how to handle your retirement planning, this episode offers a straightforward look at what you can consider doing.

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