Aid & Attendance Benefits for Veterans + Three Possible Changes to RMDs

It’s not a matter of if your health fails but when your health fails. And when it does, the people you love are the ones who pay the biggest price. It’ll be your spouse and/or your kids who will have to care for you and who are left holding the bag on the medical bills that are oftentimes enough to completely wipe someone out. The Sandman has a strategy for veterans called Aid & Attendance Benefits to get additional financial assistance from the Veteran’s Administration.


Also, as if RMDs aren’t confusing enough for retirees, Congress is considering 2 new bills that could have an impact on your RMDs. Could your RMDs be affected? If you’re RMD age (which is 72 by the way) or you will be RMD age in the next 5–10 years, this show is for you.


Important changes could include:

  • The age when RMDs are required to begin
  • Penalties for missed RMDs
  • Using QLACs to shield retirement funds from RMDs


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