The Retirement Money Poll – What People Are Worried About & What You Can Do About It

A new poll out points to some surprising trends on how people are thinking and feeling about money in retirement these days. Find out what your peers may be worrying about and, more importantly, what you can do right now to remove that worry in your life.


Hear The Sandman’s answers to questions like:

  • How can you account for inflation in your retirement plan?
  • What are some potential sources of retirement income you can capitalize on now?
  • How can you create your own pension?
  • Is Social Security financially viable over the long term?
  • What strategy can you employ to withdraw money in retirement each year to reduce the likelihood that you’ll run out of money?


We believe that instead of being consumed by worry, it’s better to take action—take steps to reduce that worry and put you back in control. Wouldn’t that feel better? To regain a sense of control amidst all of this chaos, stay tuned as we talk about this new retirement money poll: what people are worried about and what you should be doing about it right now.


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