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Stagflation: Causes, Effects, and How to Combat It

By Elias Mael | March 31, 2023

What Is Stagflation? Stagflation may sound like a buzzword, but it is a very real cycle characterized by slow or stagnant economic growth combined with high inflation and a sharp rise in unemployment. This combination of factors can lead to a decrease in living standards and confidence in the economy.…

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Key Financial Dates to Note in 2023 for Retirees

By Elias Mael | March 17, 2023

As we look ahead to 2023, it is essential to mark your calendar with key dates that will affect your retirement planning. Here are some important dates to remember throughout the year: February 15*  For those 59½ or older and still working, February 15th is an important date, as this…

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Expense Ratios: What You Need to Know

By Elias Mael | March 10, 2023

Mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are popular ways to invest money and potentially build wealth, but it’s important to know how they work and the related expenses to invest in them. One key factor to consider is the expense ratio, which is an important metric that reveals how much…

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What Is 401(k) Vesting?

By Elias Mael | February 10, 2023

Employer matching of 401(k) contributions is a common employee benefit. If you work for an employer that matches 401(k) contributions, your retirement account can grow faster. For example, let’s say that your employer matches up to 5% of your 401(k) contributions one for one. If your monthly salary before taxes…

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Six Thrift Savings Plan Mistakes to Avoid

By Elias Mael | January 27, 2023

If you work for the federal government or serve in the armed forces, you have access to a retirement and savings plan called a Thrift Savings Plan (TSP). According to, “Established by Congress in the Federal Employees’ Retirement System Act of 1986, the TSP offers the same types of savings…

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What Is the Thrift Savings Plan?

By Elias Mael | January 6, 2023

You may have heard of a 401(k), traditional IRA, and Roth IRA—they’re all retirement plans that allow you to save and invest for retirement. A lesser-known plan is the federal government’s retirement savings plan, the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP). According to the Congressional Research Service Federal Workforce Statistics Sources: OPM…

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Index Fund vs. Mutual Fund: What’s the Difference?

By Elias Mael | December 2, 2022

Are you overwhelmed by the number of investment vehicles available to you as an investor? A common question some investors have is: Should I invest in an index fund or a mutual fund? According to Investopedia, “Mutual funds didn’t really capture the attention of American investors until the 1980s and 1990s,…

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